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Health Insurance In Oregon

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Today, there are several ways to get health insurance in Oregon, even if you cannot afford it on your own. In addition to the wide range of health insurance plans you can find on the Internet, you can also access the State of Oregon's website to find out if you qualify for one of the several Oregon State financial assistance programs for health insurance.

These plans are designed to insure that all persons in the state have access to some type of insurance coverage. The system is remarkable in that it includes even persons who are single adults with no children and families who earn up to 170% of the Federal poverty income base. Whenever you find yourself without health coverage in Oregon, you should make a point of looking into whether you or your family qualify for the assistance provided under one of these programs.

Buying Health Insurance in Oregon

You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of health insurance plans you can find online. General health coverage is available at great rates. Plans are easy to find and almost as easy to compare. You can look at benefits, cost, and ease of use without ever leaving your home. In many cases, you can even sign up online and make your payments there as well.

Some of the types of health insurance that are available online include group health or small business health plans, foreign travel insurance, short term medical insurance for those who are between jobs, student health insurance, and individual or family insurance. You can even find dental insurance coverage for those times when your employer's plan is too expensive.

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