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Healthnet Health Insurance Of Oregon

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Healthnet Health Insurance of Oregon offers a wide range of plans and options as well as an impressive level of customer service and support. They state that their "easy-to-use health plans provide ready access to affordable, high-quality medical care," and then they back it up with performance. Healthnet offers online member services information and access to live customer service representatives.

Wellness programs, with options for employers to provide regular health care tips to employees, are free of charge, as is access to a staff of health care professionals who can help to coordinate complex care. With over 6,300 providers and 35 hospitals in their network, Healthnet is one of the Northwest's largest programs. Healthnet members can rely on Healthnet services.

Healthnet Health Insurance of Oregon History

The insurance group that eventually became Healthnet was founded by a group of physicians in 1938. The plan was to work with local mills and others to create innovative ways to offer quality health care at affordable prices. The group was non-profit, and, when it was sold, the money was used to form a health foundation. Today, Healthnet is one of the nation's largest publicly traded managed health care companies serving 5.4 million people in 13 states.

Healthnet offers a variety of plans for individuals, families, groups, and small businesses. They pledge to provide choice, affordability, and ease of use for all of their plans. If you are between jobs and looking for health care coverage for yourself or your family, Healthnet can be an excellent choice. Check out the Healthcare website to find out about plans that will meet your specific needs, plans that include discounts for participating in wellness activities. Healthnet provides quality health care services for all kinds of people and businesses.

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