Hipaa Conferences

Written by Dina Kayed
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HIPAA conferences are a great way to make sure your entire staff is up-to-date on current procedures. Often, the companies that host such conferences are also available on a consultancy basis. If you feel like your office isn't optimized for HIPAA compliance, you might want to do more than just attend a conference--you might want knowledgeable consultants to visit your office and recommend particular strategies for you.

What to Look for in HIPAA Conference Providers

Look for conference providers that offer you supplemental materials that you can refer back to later, after the conference. Product support is very important here--does your conference provider have a customer service number you can call for clarification of particular points discussed? Oftentimes, questions won't occur to you until you're driving home from the conference, or when you're confronted with an unusual situation for the first time.

Conferences may be put on by full-service HIPAA compliance companies. It's good to check the websites of these providers for schedules of their conferences, as well as for additional products they offer. Oftentimes, they'll have supplementary support like email newsgroups or FAQs. They may also offer software packages or other compliance packages that address everything from the policy and procedure manual to how to handle patient correspondence.

There are any number of institutions that could benefit from HIPAA conferences. These include rural health clinics, dentists and orthodontists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and claims clearing houses. Large providers and hospitals are probably well-versed in terms of HIPAA requirements, but it's often smaller providers or related agencies that may need an authoritative description of just how to remain compliant.

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