Hipaa Data Security

Written by Dina Kayed
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HIPAA recently imposed comprehensive new regulations on how to deal with medical information in various institutions. The fundamental objective of this move was to keep patients' medical information confidential and safe at all times. Medical staff will henceforth be trained according to the new "Administrative Simplification" regulations of HIPAA.

Keeping Personal Medical Info Private

New software is being developed on a constant basis to keep ahead of hackers and provide the online community with security. Some software products are designed to transfer information from one system to another without using web servers; this will help keep information secure and private.

The new regulations demand all staff working with access to patients' information be trained and qualified according to HIPAA regulations. Those who do not have the correct training should not be allowed access to patients' information. Information that should be kept secret includes all categories, including oral communications, paperwork or electronic files.

A trail is maintained to list everyone who has access to a patient's personal information. This will significantly limit the number of people who are allowed to become familiar with anyone's private and confidential information. Access is strictly on a need to know basis (also called the "Minimum Necessary") for those who are directly concerned with the case. This system will help patients by allowing them to pinpoint exactly who has access to their personal information. Breaching HIPAA law is a federal crime with serious consequences and can result in serious penalties being imposed.

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