Hipaa Updates

Written by Dina Kayed
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The law is seldom static; just as society changes and develops, so must the laws that serve it. The medical and healthcare world is constantly undergoing updates and developments, so we should expect that the federal laws that govern the medical field should also be updated from time to time.

Unfortunately, keeping up with HIPAA updates can be very difficult indeed for healthcare administrators. That difficulty is compounded by the fact that failure to comply with HIPAA updates can leave their organization open to lawsuits and legal penalties. Among other serious consequences, lawsuits bring with them a great deal of damage to reputation, and in the healthcare field, reputation is everything.

System for Assimilating Updates

Efficient healthcare administrators will take steps to implement a system that will ensure their organization is automatically notified of updates. In addition, meetings and seminars are arranged by healthcare authorities in most areas to facilitate this process. It can be very useful for personnel to attend such seminars and meetings, not least because it will keep in the forefronts of their minds the importance of compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Since the consequences of non-compliance with HIPAA are so serious, companies within or affiliated with the healthcare industry often arrange for personnel to attend such courses periodically. Likewise, new employees are often required to attend such courses before they are allowed to start work. With the privacy of patients and the reputations of institutions on the line, few educational opportunities are more important.

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