Idaho Dental Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The subject of Idaho dental insurance--or dental insurance in any state--is a complex one. On the one hand, the costs of general maintenance dentistry aren't particularly high. An annual check-up, x-rays, and cleaning, for example, in the Washington, DC metropolitan area costs about $100. Even if you have a family of five, affordability isn't much of an issue if your teeth are good.

The flip side is the cost of a single crown. That runs, in the same metro area, about $1,300. Whether you live in Maryland, Kansas, or Idaho dental insurance has much to recommend it if you have a family and or just one set of bad teeth. The issues are whether you're choosy about what dentist you use, and if the work you need done will be covered.

Almost all dental insurance policies are PPO managed care plans. That is, you're required to get dental treatment from an in-network provider. Your choice is fairly simple. One option is that you shoulder the burden of extremely high dental costs and itemize your deductions on tax day. The other is to sign up for dental insurance and dread going to the dentist solely on the basis of the inevitable pain after the Novocain wears off.

Idaho Dental Insurance Facts

Among the licensed medical insurers in Idaho are Aetna, Dentemax, GE Wellness, Uni-Care, and Regence Blue Shield. Most individual dental insurance policies--both managed care and fee-for-service--are entitled to impose a waiting period for procedures. This might be as few as six or as many as 18 months. That is, the sooner you sign up for Idaho dental insurance, the better off you'll be. Tooth abscesses have a way of taking one by surprise. They aren't easily ignored, either.

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