Idaho Health Care Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Finding the Idaho health care insurance policy best suited to your needs is a three-step process. First is analyzing your needs. Second is understanding how different types of plans work. Third is discussing how to weigh these two factors against one another with a health care professional, whether that means an independent broker or an insurance company representative.

Idaho Health Care Insurance: Plan Types

Fundamentally there are two types of Idaho health care insurance. One is essentially reactive care, the other is preventative. Traditional indemnity, or fee-for-service, plans are essentially reactive. They cost distinctly more but offer considerable flexibility. You select whatever health care providers you wish at any time you wish. If you opt to undergo a medical procedure, the choice is between you and your doctor.

The second, and younger, insurance type is termed managed care. The focus is on preventing illness. Your choice of doctors is restricted to among those practitioners who opt in on the plan. Monthly premiums are less costly. Specialized treatment and procedures are covered only when the primary care physician determines so. The two types of managed care are HMOs and PPOs. HMOs are run by private companies with what amounts to a staff of doctors. PPOs are essentially a group of doctors operating in conjunction. HMOs tend to have fixed costs, while PPOs tend to have percentage-based costs.

A third type of Idaho health care insurance is not a policy per se but a personal tax-protected savings plan. To some extent it's a bridge between indemnity and managed care. You contribute at your discretion, funds are designated for medical costs, and spending discretion is yours alone.

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