Idaho Health Insurance Companies

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You might be surprised at the number of choices you have in Idaho health insurance companies, given that the population of the entire state is only 1.4 million people. This means that whether you're looking at group insurance or an individual policy, you will be able to tailor your health care coverage to your specific needs. That's the ideal situation.

A Roster of Idaho Health Insurance Companies

The two largest Idaho health insurance companies are nationally known, reputable, and should come as no surprise. Blue Cross of Idaho and Regence Blue Shield of Idaho are both independent licensees of the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Both offer managed care and indemnity group health. Even if you look no further than these two, you'll do well with either.

They are far from the only game in town, however. Aside from Aetna, MetLife, and Pacificare, there are several smaller Idaho health insurance companies that offer managed care. Among these are IHC, Primary Health Network, BPA Health, and Group Health Options. Choosing among them means prioritizing your health care needs and weighing definite costs against probable benefits. For example, if you have a family, managed health care is a good option because of its emphasis on preventative care. This is very nearly a no-cost benefit. Annual check-ups, routine lab tests, and immunizations add up quickly if you're talking about more than one person.

Research into individual companies is worthwhile and easy, of course. Making sense of what you read, however, is something else again. It's always worthwhile to speak to insurance company representatives or, better yet, to talk with an independent health insurance broker. The best health insurance policy is one tailored to your needs.

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