Idaho Health Insurance Comparisons

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The best way to be sure of what you need or want is to look at something you don't. Idaho health insurance comparisons work on exactly that principle. Think about when you're shopping for a new color printer, vacuum cleaner, or coffee maker. What do you do? In all likelihood, you turn to, or Consumer Reports, or a website with product comparison tables. The principle works just as well for Idaho health insurance comparisons.

A Checklist of Items in Idaho Health Insurance Comparisons

Because most of us do not have a wallet as thick as Bill Gates, costs are perhaps the first factor that comes to mind when shopping for health insurance coverage. Depending on the type of insurance policy, different costs apply. Across the board, however, are monthly premiums, annual deductible, co-payments, and out-of-pocket maximums.

Another set of criteria that's very important for some in making Idaho health insurance comparisons is the choice of doctors and other health care professionals. While in traditional indemnity plans you don't encounter this restriction, you do with all managed care plans. Whether you're looking at HMO or PPO or POS policies, your choice of physician is restricted to network participants. Fortunately, network directories are usually readily available at no cost, very often online, or at least by telephone.

Company ratings about medical insurers are especially informative when you're shopping for a policy. Three important areas are the insuring company's financial standing, the quality of care provided, and its overall customer satisfaction. Information on the first is fairly easy to find--for example, from Moody's, Weiss, or A.M. Best. Data on the second two is less so, but Consumer Reports, Consumer Check, and a local health insurance broker are good starting points.

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