Idaho Health Insurance Coverage

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're among the 18 percent of state residents without Idaho health insurance coverage, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't already know that not having it is a singularly bad idea. Put more simply, yes, the sooner you get coverage, the better. It's far more affordable than you might think. It's also considerably cheaper in the long run than the alternative.

Having Idaho health insurance coverage is a must in today's world of ever-rising health costs. Being healthy already is no excuse, nor is being an advocate--as I am--of alternative, holistic, and Eastern medicine. Accidents and serious illness, by definition, take us by surprise. You guard against that when you take out a policy personalized to your needs. You have plenty of choices.

Idaho Health Insurance Coverage Summary

The state of Idaho looks out for the health of its 1.4 million residents. Legislation related to medical insurance is testament to this. Companies providing medical insurance, for example, must be licensed to do so. They are required, without exception, to offer every policy holder a choice of three types of coverage: basic, standard, and catastrophic. Small businesses that provide health insurance five or more employees must also offer maternity care.

As is the case elsewhere in the country, Idaho health insurance coverage falls into one of two categories. The most common and more affordable of these are the managed care plans that emphasize preventative care, limit the choice of doctors to a network list, and stipulate limits on what procedures and care are covered. The more flexible and costly option are indemnity, or fee-for-service, plans. These allow policy holders to consult whatever doctor they wish and have whatever medical procedure they want attended to at whatever facility they wish.

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