Idaho Health Insurance Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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There's no denying that choosing among Idaho health insurance plans isn't easy. The number of questions can be dizzying. Do you want indemnity or managed care? How many people will the policy cover? Do you or any member of your family have a pre-existing condition? Are prescriptions an important factor? How often do you need to see a specialist? Are lower monthly premiums the most important consideration? The list goes on. One answer, you find, depends on another. Is there another way to approach the decision?

A Three-Flank Approach to Idaho Health Insurance Plans

No matter how attractive an insurance policy might sound, it's clearly no good if the company issuing it can't back it up. Finding out what you need to know about a company's financial status isn't, in fact, at all difficult. Rating firms such as A.M. Best and Moody's, for example, track the insurance industry much as the automobile blue book will note the market value for your car.

The best possible medical advice and care, of course, are what you're after in choosing among Idaho health insurance plans. Having confidence in a doctor and level of care is critical. Indemnity health plans let you select at will, so if you're not satisfied with the care you receive, you're free to move on. If you opt for the lower monthly premiums of managed care, however, you face a pre-selected network of physicians. You might want to look at resources like American Medical Association publications and medical directories to learn what you want to know.

Customer satisfaction is always the most telling indicator. Idaho health insurance plans are no exception. Published data are hard to come by. You can learn a lot, however, by asking colleagues or friends about their experiences. You'll want to talk to company service and policy representatives to get a sense of their responsiveness. Turning to Consumer Reports is another option, if you don't mind paying its minimal fee.

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