Idaho Health Insurance Providers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Are the lines beginning to blur as you look at the different policy options Idaho health insurance providers offer? As important as it is to have health care insurance in the first place, simply having a policy with a properly licensed provider isn't enough. Catastrophic illness or accident aside, a good health insurance policy will help you with the more mundane month-to-month realities as well.

Look back over the last year or so. Think of a couple incidents that are typical of the health problems you run into. Maybe this means a kidney problem that flairs up now and again, every several years. When it does, all of a sudden the sharp pains start and your temperature jumps. You know that if you do nothing, you'll end up in the hospital for several days. Coverage for emergency room visits is something you want Idaho health insurance providers to write into your policy.

Pre-existing conditions--whether high cholesterol, diabetes, or cigarette smoking, for example--are a different situation. They can pose a problem if you're taking out a policy for the first time. Idaho law stipulates that providers can deny coverage for medical costs related to a pre-existing condition for up to 12 months. If you're changing Idaho health insurance providers during open season, however, and have had continuous coverage, you're better off.

Studying Idaho Health Insurance Providers

Several nationally recognized medical insurers operate in Idaho-- Blue Cross and Blue Shield among them--as well as about eight to 10 smaller regional companies. Large companies probably offer the most variety of "off-the-shelf" policies. Smaller providers tend to offer managed care plans that are quite affordable and very strong on preventive care. It's critical to study all your policy options as well as provider ratings and licensing. The trick is to understand and prioritize your own health care needs, and to match a plan to those needs, rather than opting for a one-size fits all and a company name.

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