Idaho Individual Medical Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Most people are daunted by the idea of getting Idaho individual medical insurance for any number of reasons. Among the more common are cost considerations, pre-existing conditions, and confidence in the insurer. While these are understandable concerns, they're no reason to run the risk of not having coverage at all.

The flip side of the story are the reasons to be covered by an individual policy. Health care costs are rising, and that picture isn't likely to change soon. In the event of an accident or serious illness, insurance coverage--even if it's a basic or catastrophic policy--draws the line between coping with an unfortunate situation and facing personal bankruptcy. Coverage options for individuals include both the more costly full-service indemnity plans and the more affordable managed care plans.

General Idaho Individual Medical Insurance Facts

Idaho law on health insurance coverage is rather extensive compared to most other states. It protects both the insured and the insurers. Policy holders are guaranteed first-rate health care from licensed medical insurance companies. They have a choice--whether opting into an Idaho group policy or an Idaho individual medical insurance plan--of basic, standard, or catastrophic coverage.

It's important to remember as you shop companies and plans for Idaho individual medical insurance that companies are not required to renew policies from year to year. Provisions to that effect, however, may be explicitly written into a contract. Insurers are also permitted to exclude coverage for medical care on certain pre-existing conditions--such as heart conditions, diabetes, or cigarette smoking--for up to 12 months for the newly insured.

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