Idaho Low Cost Health Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As costly as health care is these days, there are a variety of Idaho low cost health insurance options available to you. Opting not to have any health care coverage at all is definitely not one of them. The minute you start playing those odds, you'll find yourself staring down the barrel of an emergency appendectomy, a broken right wrist (when you're right handed), or a serious kidney infection. Such costs can run to $10,000 or more. You can't afford to risk that.

Idaho Low Cost Health Insurance FAQ

There are two fundamental types of health insurance policies. The first and more expensive is known as traditional, fee-for-service, or indemnity--all of which terms amount to the same thing. You pay the higher fee in return for being able to choose whatever doctor or provider you wish, and getting covered for whatever health care service you want or need. These plans do not cover preventative costs. Examples of these are annual doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and routine immunizations.

Managed health care plans were established in an effort to curb health care costs, which were beginning to spiral out of control even 50 years ago. The idea behind them is to keep the population healthy and health care costs low. This translates to limiting the choice of doctors to a select "in-network" group and stressing preventative care.

Managed care, however, is not the only Idaho low cost health insurance option. Regardless of whether you opt for traditional or managed care, costs can be minimized a number of other ways. One of these is to agree to a higher annual deductible, for example, $1,000 rather than $250. Another is to stick to basic services. Your best approach to exploring specific options for Idaho low cost health insurance is to talk with a licensed insurance broker and tailor your policy to your needs.

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