Idaho Low Cost Medical Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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There are enough options among HMO and PPO providers when it comes to Idaho low cost medical insurance that you can afford to be very suspicious of discount plans. The state department of insurance, in fact, issued an explicit warning against them. The gist of it is that you should only buy health insurance from licensed providers offering a formal policy.

What are advertised as low cost health coverage plans sound like insurance but are not. More often, they are opt-in access to offers of discounts. A policy is a contract with guaranteed health care benefits, a specified monthly premium and annual deductible, and clearly defined coverage parameters. The risk in opting for unauthorized discount plans over legitimate Idaho low cost medical insurance boils down to being left with a monumental medical bill.

There are several red flags to suggest unauthorized Idaho low cost medical insurance plan offers. These include a refusal to give you a list of medical providers before you sign up and any assertions that licensing is not necessary. If you have any questions about offers you see, the department recommends either calling its consumer affairs hotline, a toll-free number from within Idaho, at 800-721-3272, or visiting the department's web site, which offers a list of medical insurers licensed to do business in the state.

Legitimate Idaho Low Cost Medical Insurance Offers

Managed care plans offered by licensed medical insurers in the state are your best bet to affordable coverage. Ideally you'll have access to group rates through your employer. Still, even if you buy an individual policy on your own, you'll note that monthly premiums are much lower than for traditional fee-for-service insurance plans. Part of the reason for this is that with managed care policies you're limited to choosing a physician from a list of participants rather than consulting the doctor of your choice.

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