Idaho Medical Insurance Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You've got a wide variety when it comes to choosing among the many available Idaho medical insurance plans. It's important that you do choose. If you do not, you join--or don't leave--the growing ranks of Idaho's uninsured. That figure stood at 18 percent in 2003, having risen from 13 percent just a couple years earlier. The risk there is being faced with monumental hospital and doctor bills after an accident or serious illness. Not choosing is not worth it.

Learning about Idaho Medical Insurance Plans

It's one thing to research insurance companies and Idaho medical insurance plans on your own. It's important to do so as well. You want to be as familiar as possible with the different types of plans--group rates versus individual rates, managed care versus indemnity, co-payments versus co-insurance. That way, once you move on to speaking with customer service representatives and insurance brokers, your conversations will be focused and productive.

You'll know enough to ask intelligent questions and to understand the explanations you hear. Terminology is not the whole picture, of course. Knowing what laws there are on Idaho medical insurance plans is just as critical. For example, you'll know to ask for a renewal clause in your policy if there isn't already one there. You also don't want to buy what you think is insurance from an unlicensed provider.

The most important aspect, however, in finding the best policy for you is to recognize and understand your health care needs. If you have, for example, a heart condition or diabetes or a bad kidney, the last thing you can afford to do is pretend they'll go away. In these cases, indemnity plans that permit you the doctors and procedure choices you need are probably a good choice. If you're fairly healthy, you might do perfectly well with a managed care policy that focuses on prevention. All these considerations are what you'll discuss with a qualified insurance broker and company representatives to arrive at the right plan for your needs.

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