Idaho Personal Medical Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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No matter how healthy you are, living amidst the mountains and lakes of Idaho, personal medical insurance is important. Illness and accidents, after all, happen when we least expect them. You might be enjoying white-water rafting in Hell's Canyon or skiing in a Grand Teton resort when it does. You might also be minding your own business on a commute to work in Boise. The fact is, you don't know and need to be protected no matter when it is or where you are.

Among Your Options for Idaho Personal Medical Insurance

One choice for getting covered under an Idaho personal medical insurance policy is through your employer, of course. Depending on the size of the company, you may be restricted to one large nationally recognized provider and one or two smaller companies. You may have only one choice: the plan your employer offers or no plan.

If you opt out of employer coverage, you're free of course to get coverage on your own. The tax advantages and disadvantages as well as the relative outright costs for the policy vary. It's advisable to discuss this with a licensed health insurance broker working in Idaho. You want to make the most of that expertise.

There are two basic types of policy. The first is a traditional fee-for-service plan. Under these you're entitled to consult the physician of your choice and get whatever treatment your doctor and you deem necessary. Indemnity plans, as they are also known, are priced accordingly. However, you're probably among the majority of Idaho's 1.4 million residents and are searching for affordable Idaho personal medical insurance. This means managed care, with its focus on prevention, considerably lower monthly premiums, and network physicians.

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