Idaho Small Business Medical Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Bogus insurance offers, unfortunately, are sometimes mistaken for legitimate Idaho small business medical insurance. It's important--if you're a small concern with between two and 50 employees--to recognize marketing language when you see it, and to read the fine print of any discounted health plans. Idaho law, fortunately for small business owners, is more extensive than most in the area of medical insurance licensing. Enforcement is strict.

Idaho Small Business Medical Insurance: The Bigger Picture

The law requires health insurance companies operating in Idaho to offer small businesses the same group medical insurance plans that they offer large companies. Idaho small business medical insurance, however, remains an option for small business owners. Additionally, an Idaho small business medical insurance policy can cover just the owner or a group of employees.

Small businesses with employees must offer both unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance--no if, and, or buts about it. As far as getting these coverages are concerned, employers have a few options. For workers compensation these include policies through licensed private insurance companies, the state of Idaho insurance fund, the assigned risk pool, or self-insurance through the Idaho Industrial Commission. For unemployment, the route is the labor division of Idaho Commerce and Labor Department.

As far as conventional health insurance protection is concerned, any small company taking out medical insurance must offer employees the same choice of three plan types--basic, standard, and catastrophic--that large companies are obliged to offer. Furthermore, if a business provides health coverage to more than five employees, it must also offer maternity leave, regardless of whether it has any female employees. Insurers are not permitted to rescind a policy on the basis of one employee becoming ill, but can do so if a minimum number of policies are not taken out.

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