Idaho State Group Health Insurance

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The adage about not looking a gift horse in the mouth certainly applies to Idaho state group health insurance. The last thing you want to do is not have health insurance when you need it. Accidents and illnesses come upon us when we least expect it and are not prepared. Your guard against this is to have an Idaho state group health insurance policy--if you have access to one--in place. If you do not, of course, individual plans are available and provide the same coverage, if at a higher cost.

How Idaho State Group Health Insurance Works

Buying a health insurance policy means, in essence, joining the company. You will pay a monthly premium to keep your policy active. But this isn't enough to cover potential health care costs. Whatever type of policy you select among your Idaho state group health insurance options, you'll pay the premium, an annual deductible, and a co-payment for services.

The money you pay your insurance company is not set aside specifically for your future care. (It's worth remembering, though, that such arrangements are sometimes available.) Your premiums and deductibles and co-payments instead go into a general pool from which health care costs for all policy holders are paid. There's a bit more, of course, to the workings of group health insurance.

Just as you take out the health insurance to protect yourself against an unmanageable financial burden should you develop an illness or suffer an accident, the insurance company has to protect itself. One such mechanism is what is called a "lifetime payout provision." Whatever policy you take out, this clause will specify the maximum amount the insurance company is obliged to pay in health care costs on your behalf.

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