Illinois Health Insurance Plans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Illinois health insurance plans include coverage with a $20 copay and many other benefits. A $0 copay for prescription drug coverage is available if a generic prescription is used. Preventive care is available as well as optional maternity benefits. The lifetime maximum benefit is as much as $5 million.

Other Illinois health insurance plans are available without the physician copay. All office visits are counted toward the yearly deductible. Some policies do not include a prescription drug card or preventive care options. Still another type of plan offers only hospitalization or emergency medical care. This is a very limited policy, but an absolute essential if it is all the coverage you can afford.

Variety of Illinois Health Insurance Plans

Illinois health insurance plans also provide for short-term benefits. This type of insurance is great for graduates from college when termination from the parent's policy is enforced. The time between graduating and finding employment with full benefits may take awhile. It is not financially wise to be without coverage during this time. A short-term policy can carry the graduate from the student status to becoming employed.

Many of the policies available have flexible options that can reduce the premium from coverage you do not need and include the amount of coverage you desire. Instead of an all-inclusive plan with no room for change, almost every carrier offers several choices to reach the budget of the most possible families. The lack of health insurance can destroy the finances of any family or individual. A reputable insurance agent or broker can find a policy customized for your needs.

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