Illinois Individual Medical Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Illinois individual medical insurance may be the best thing you can do to ensure the financial integrity of your family's future. If you are employed in a company that does not provide a group policy or if you are self-employed, you meet the criteria for applying for individual policy coverage. If you are a healthy individual, getting your own medical insurance may actually cost you less than a group plan would have.

Most Illinois individual medical insurance plans have a pre-existing clause placing limits on the amount of coverage for any medical condition treated within the recent past. Some companies go back three years and others go back as much as five years. Even if you have not been treated for a condition, some policies may consider an illness to be pre-existing if it falls within their definition of pre-existing. It is vitally important to read the entire limitations and exclusions in a policy before enrolling.

Some Illinois Individual Medical Insurance Exclusions

Illinois individual medical insurance policies will not insure some medical conditions. It is hard to find an individual policy to cover anyone with a history of cancer within the past five years. Also, a history of fibromyalgia will cause some companies to deny issuing a policy. Conditions such as high cholesterol or diabetes can result in a large rate increase to cover the probability of future expenses.

Some pre-existing clauses prevent payment for a year or more on conditions that fall within this category. Companies will sometimes attach a rider to the policy excluding coverage completely on certain health conditions. This incomplete coverage can be financially devastating. Do a thorough comparison of policies and read carefully the entire policy before subscribing.

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