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Individual Health Insurance Plans

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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In the not too distant past, most individual health insurance plans were outrageously expensive and did not offer the same benefits as group plans. Now, however, major insurance companies have discovered the value of creating "group" insurance for individuals. What this means to you is that you can get lower rates and better coverage simply by joining a group plan.

A group plan is one that includes individuals who are represented to medical care providers as a single entity. The carrier has negotiated with the providers to offer services to all members of the group under the same terms. This process is exactly what happens when you have coverage under an employer plan, but, in this case, a group of individuals are included in the plan instead of a group of employees of a single company or entity.

Finding Individual Health Insurance Plans Online

You can find these types of plans on the Internet by looking for individual coverage. Brokers and carriers who offer the plans described above explain the options on their websites and will provide you with rates and instructions on how to become a member of one of these "groups." The advantages are obvious.

If you're out of work and need to get health insurance for your family, or if you are self employed, you will get much better coverage at lower rates if you purchase insurance under one of these plans. There are similar plans available for persons who need insurance when they travel or for students who are no longer eligible for coverage under their parent's plan. Be sure to read the fine print to make certain that you are getting the best possible rates; compare benefits and costs before you sign up for coverage.

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