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Individual Health Insurance Providers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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There are lots of reasons why people sometimes find themselves needing individual health care providers. It may be that you're out of work or that you're a new employee with a lengthy wait before you're eligible for company coverage. You may also be self employed or a student working on a post-graduate degree who is ineligible for coverage under a family plan. Whatever the circumstance in which you don't qualify for group insurance, individual insurance may be your only option.

Unfortunately, individual health insurance can be expensive, more difficult to get, and less comprehensive than group insurance. Still, you can find at least the basics you need in the above circumstances. You can, in fact, find such insurance on the Internet. There are specific benefits and factors you should know about before you purchase such insurance.

Individual Health Insurance Providers Online

Many major insurance providers now offer individual health coverage online. Generally, they will ask you to enter the state in which you live because not all plans are available in all states. Once you give them your information, they will be able to offer you a quote. You may benefit from getting quotes from several different providers.

Some of the things you should look for when looking for individual health insurance providers are the total out-of-pocket costs the plan will cause you to incur. This means that you should pay attention to the monthly premiums you will have to pay, the amount of your initial deductible, and what percentage of medical provider fees you will have to pay. You will also want to know whether you will have to pay doctors up front and then submit a form and receipts for reimbursement.

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