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Individual Health Insurance Quotes

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you're out of work, self employed, plan to travel abroad, or a student who no longer qualifies for coverage under your parents' insurance plan, you can get individual health insurance quotes on the Internet. Individual health insurance can be very expensive and may not offer the quality of coverage that many people are used to getting from employer plans. Today, however, you can get a quote from a company that offers individual coverage under a group plan.

You know that you really need health insurance. Living without it is inviting disaster if you are unfortunate enough to require a visit to an emergency room or get a prolonged illness. Within the last few years, major insurance companies have discovered that offering group plan insurance to individuals can be profitable while affording individuals the opportunity to get the coverage they and their families need. Thus group plans were devised.

Find Individual Health Insurance Quotes Online

To find quotes from companies who offer these "group" plans, simply search under the category of individual insurance and look for a plan that meets your needs. One of the benefits of getting quotes from several companies offering individual group plans is that you will be able to compare benefits. You should also ask how long the plan has been in existence and how many participants are already in the plan.

You will, of course, need to join a plan that is valid in your state. Also, it is important to find out about all of your out-of-pocket expenses before you accept any plan. For example, not only will you pay a monthly premium, you will also be responsible for a deductible, and the amounts of deductibles can vary considerably. You will need to know if you have to pay providers up front and then submit a reimbursement form. If at all possible, get a quote from a plan that allows you to pay only a portion of the fees and does not require you to fill out forms.

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