Individual Health Insurance Quotes

Written by Norene Anderson
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Individual health insurance quotes are readily available on the Internet. The accessibility to instant results makes shopping for insurance much quicker than when it took days to get a quote from an insurance company. Now it is possible to obtain quotes from several insurance companies with only one online application. Because of this rapid quote possibility, the competition among insurance companies for your business is intense.

When comparing individual health insurance quotes, it is important to make sure you are comparing the same policy benefits. Sometimes it is hard to define the terms unless you read between the lines. Examining the inclusions and exclusions of a policy can often cause confusion. A policy may list everything that is included and not specifically say a benefit is not offered or covered. An exclusion list can be rather general and leave a lot of questions.

Find Individual Health Insurance Quotes Online

It is important to have all your questions answered completely when comparing individual health insurance quotes. For consumers changing from a group plan to an individual plan, the difference in cost may be shocking. The same coverage is available for individual coverage as with group coverage. The difference is in the one picking up the bill. Most employers pay at least half of the premium cost. Some pay much more. The individual plan is paid entirely by the individual.

Receiving individual health insurance quotes online does not obligate you in any way to enroll in a policy. The initial quote may change once you determine the carrier of choice and fill out the complete form. Medical records are often requested to verify pre-existing conditions. If anything is found that qualifies for that company's criteria for pre-existing, one of three things will happen.

Individual Health Insurance Quotes Will Differ

First, the company may deny coverage completely. Next, the company may give an increase in the rate to compensate for coverage. Third, the pre-existing will be excluded from coverage for an extended period of time. If there are no pre-existing issues, coverage and premium amounts are quick and easy to determine. Once the final quote is received from the insurance company, it is up to the consumer to decide if it is an affordable policy. When the first premium payment is made, the policy contract is entered into.

Almost every major insurance carrier offering group coverage also offers individual health insurance quotes. Every state is different in the offers and restrictions by insurance companies. Contact the state's department of insurance for specific guidelines in your location. Some states limit a specified amount of time for pre-existing conditions while other states do not require carriers to offer any coverage for pre-existing.

Make Sure Your Family Is Covered

Individual health insurance quotes will differ according to age and gender. Some individual policies automatically include maternity benefits for females within a certain age span even if they do not desire or need the coverage. Other plans offer maternity only as an added benefit and increased premium rate. An accurate quote is based on accurate information. It is important to provide all the information requested.

Individual health insurance is one of the fastest growing areas of health insurance coverage. The job market is responsible for many people leaving or being laid off from jobs providing group coverage. This puts the responsibility of providing health insurance coverage for the family on the individual. If you have difficulty finding coverage, keep trying. Every company has a little different view on insurability.

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