Medical Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical health insurance is available in many forms. Short-term or temporary coverage is the answer to getting quick coverage for a short amount of time. It is not a policy to maintain for permanent coverage. Most policies are limited to six months. Some can be extended for up to a year. This coverage is low in cost due to the restricted coverage.

Another kind of medical health insurance available is for traveling abroad. This is a special kind of temporary policy for international travelers. It includes all the benefits necessary to ensure treatment abroad or a return flight by air ambulance if needed. Many other benefits can be obtained in a travel policy.

Kinds of Medical Health Insurance

Individual medical health insurance is available with the same benefits of group health insurance. So many people are losing group coverage due to job cutbacks or loss and must supply insurance without the employer benefit. These policies are more expensive than the same offered in a group policy, but they supply the same benefits in coverage. Many small business owners are offering coverage to employees at a slightly reduced rate.

Major medical insurance is offered as a PPO or HMO policy with a variation of doctor office copays and deductibles. The policy can be as trim or fat as you desire. The basic essentials will cover major hospital expenses. The most coverage offered will provide prescription drug, vision, dental, low copays, low deductibles, and many more benefits.

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