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Oregon Health Insurance Agent License

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you are an Oregon resident considering insurance as a career, you will have to pass through a series of steps that will take you to the point where you will qualify to get your Oregon health insurance agent license. It begins, of course, with training. In Oregon, there are more than 15 pre-licensing schools that provide the initial training you will need.

One of the first things you should do is to go to the State of Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services' Insurance Division website. There you will find the Insurance Candidate Handbook which will supply you will all of the information you can possibly imagine about the process of becoming an agent. You are probably aware that all state licenses require a test, and that is also the case with an insurance license in Oregon. It is imperative that you study the handbook and become thoroughly familiar with its instructions and direction.

Your Oregon Health Insurance Agent License

Once you are a health insurance "expert," you will be ready to apply to take the required exams. The state contracts with a company called Promissor to administer all insurance license testing. The exams are given in several different locations, and information regarding the details can be found in the Insurance Candidate Handbook. Before you can get your agent license, you must pass all of the required exams.

The handbook is a very valuable tool for you during this process. It gives you a complete rundown of all of the Oregon state licensing requirements as well as contact information. It tells you how to register for the exams and everything you will need to take with you the day of the exam. The handbook also offers copies of several of the forms you will need in order to register. In short, if you want to get your agent license, you need to start with this handbook. Good luck in your efforts!

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