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Personal Health Care Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Personal health care insurance is the best option for anyone who finds themselves without insurance for any number of reasons. Perhaps you have just gotten a new job and won't be eligible for coverage for a number of months. Perhaps you're a graduate student too old to remain on your parents' policy. You might be a married student. You could even be a retiree who is not yet eligible for Medicare.

Whatever the reason, you will want to find the most comprehensive plan at the best price. When you begin to look for a plan, consider the company first. Find out how long the company has been in the health insurance field and how many people it currently insures. Ask about customer services, when they are available and whether you will be calling a toll-free number.

Personal Health Care Insurance Basics

It is very important to consider and compare the plans of several companies, especially if you have unusual health care concerns. Determine what your monthly premiums will be and how much of a deductible you will have each year. Ask whether pre-existing conditions are covered and whether that coverage begins immediately or is delayed.

Find out if the plan offers options such as a dental plan, eye care, and long-term insurance. Is this a personal insurance plan that gives you the advantages of a group plan by negotiating fees with a network of providers? If so, are there providers close to where you live? What is the maximum out-of-pocket you will have to spend each year? Make sure you have the answers to all of these questions before you select a plan.

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