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Self Employed Health Insurance Plans In Oregon

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you're looking for self employed health insurance plans in Oregon, you're in luck. There are a variety of plans available, and you can find many of them right here on the Internet. In Oregon, you can often qualify for small business or self employed insurance policies even if you are not in the best of health.

If you are self employed in Oregon, you are prohibited from purchasing a small group health insurance policy. Strictly speaking, you cannot purchase small group coverage unless you employ at least one other person. If you are a self employed person with any number of employees, however, you can buy small group health insurance.

Self Employed Health Insurance Plans in Oregon Costs

The cost of a health insurance policy for an individual who is self employed may be high. That cost can be partially offset through an itemized tax deduction. Again, if you are self employed and buying your own insurance, a percentage of your annual Oregon health insurance premiums can be deducted.

Some of the key elements you should look for in an individual policy include: the company's rating, a lifetime payout, the highest deductible and co-payments you can afford, an out-of-pocket limit that you can manage, a waiver of premium provision that allows you to skip payments during a long illness, a renewable provision that is an absolute must, coverage of pre-existing conditions within a reasonable amount of time, coverage for emergency medical services, and a reasonable number of relatively easy prerequisites. Shopping for the right policy on the Internet is a great choice because you will be able to compare the benefits and essentials of a number of plans from the comfort of your own home in half the time it would take you using any other method.

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