Short Term Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Short-term health insurance plans are great for transitioning from one job to another. Quite often, there is a span of time with a gap in coverage while waiting for benefits to become available on a new job. It is also possible to be without coverage if you are a college graduate and must be removed from your parent's policy. The short-term plan will meet the immediate need for coverage.

A change in lifestyle and a change in healthcare coverage often go together. Filling in the gap between insurance coverage can be a problem. Individuals can experience a need for short-term health insurance at any point in life. Even though job change is at the top of the list, many other causes exist. One cause rising quickly to the top of the list is for individuals either choosing or being forced into early retirement.

Short Term Health Insurance Benefits

When the company benefits are stopped and Medicare benefits are not yet available, some type of short-term health insurance is needed. Many carriers offer policies similar to the coverage provided by employers with a group policy. This keeps minimal coverage active until full benefits can be obtained. Short-term insurance is also known as temporary insurance. It does not cover pre-existing conditions, but it does cover all sickness and accidents occurring while enrolled in the policy.

All necessary services are covered including physicians, surgeons, hospital services, diagnostic testing, medications, and many other provisions. When looking for this or any kind of insurance, it is a good idea to check with the state's department of insurance to determine if there are any complaints concerning the payment of claims or conflict in coverage.

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