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Small Group Health Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Whether you're self employed or own a small business, you need to insure that your family or employees have adequate health insurance coverage. You already know the dangers of living without health coverage in this century. The cost of medical care continues to rise well beyond what the average, or even moderately wealthy, family can afford. Right now, health insurance coverage is the best answer.

There are several types of small group health insurance available, and you can find information about them and actually purchase them on the Internet. Traditional health coverage allows you to choose any physician or medical facility. The insurer will pay the provider directly, less the amount the insured is required to pay. HMO plans, on the other hand, require you to select providers from a pre-determined list of their choosing. HMOs are more focused on preventive care, but they may not approve payment when an insured believes that they cannot get the best care from an HMO doctor. The third type is PPO. These plans allow you more choices than an HMO, but you will not get the full benefits of the program if you elect to use an out-of-system physician.

Finding Small Group Insurance Online

The Internet is a great place to find and purchase small group health insurance. You will, however, have to do some initial research. You will find websites that do no more than offer quotes from a variety of carriers. There are sites that actually provide insurance broker services. Others provide you with information about insurance only. If you feel the need to speak to a person, you will be able to find websites that offer this service as well.

Insurance rates are set by strict laws in each state. You can do all of the above legwork by making phone calls and/or inviting insurance salespersons into your office, but, if you prefer to do a lot of your business on the Internet, finding the right insurance package online will be very possible. What makes one company better than another is a group of intangibles. Such things as the quality of customer service, easy access, the length of time the company has been in business, and the length of time they have been handling health insurance. Remember to ask questions about these issues before you sign on the dotted line.

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