Student Health Insurance Quotes

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Receiving student health insurance quotes is merely a matter of filling out a few basic online forms and waiting for a reply. In the past, insurance-seekers were often forced to request quotes by mail or fax, which significantly slowed down the process of obtaining insurance. In the Internet Age, however, prospective policy-holders receive the same confidentiality they'd get by mail through secure online connections.

The process is simple: applicants need only indicate the state in which they're currently enrolled in school, their state of full-time residence, their age, and a few details about the type of policy they're seeking. They may be asked to divulge a few "lifestyle" details as well such as smoking habits, alcohol intake, and frequency of exercise. Insurance companies then synthesize all this data along with the requested deductible and arrive at a ballpark figure for monthly premiums.

Other Considerations

College students must also factor in the payment schedule they intend to use, as financing a policy may cost a bit more money. Any time policies are underwritten or financed, insurance companies have the right to collect fees and interest payments associated with the cost of their loans. For the patient, this usually only translates to a few dollars extra per month. In the case of cash-strapped college students, it's a tradeoff that's often worth making.

Lastly, when requesting insurance quotes, students must remember that the figures presented may differ markedly from the final rates that are given. Insurance companies scrupulously check their data and frequently make rate adjustments based on missing or inaccurate information. If, for example, an omitted pre-existing condition is later discovered by the insurer, the policy-holder might find that his or her monthly premiums increase or that penalties are assessed.

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