Student Medical Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Student medical insurance is a major consideration for all parents of college-age dependents. Many times the dependent clause requires the student to leave the parent's policy at the age of 18 or 21. Some policies allow them to continue as long as they are a full-time student up to the age of 26. This is fine as long as the student lives in an area serviced by the parent's policy.

If students are living outside the parent's policy region, it is necessary to supply another means of student medical insurance. Often, the school provides health insurance that is adequate for the amount of coverage generally required for students. An independent policy will offer more coverage options at a slightly higher cost. This is a policy more like the coverage of the parent's policy.

Student Medical Insurance Choices

College students are susceptible to many occasions for medical expense. The closeness of living in the dormitories is a prime target for flu or serious viruses that can become quite expensive if hospitalization is required. Sports and other activities can lead to broken bones and other injuries requiring extensive medical treatment. Student medical insurance is a financial lifesaver in either of these scenarios.

Finding the right policy may be as simple as contacting the provider of your current insurance. Most companies carry a variety of insurance plan types. Another source is a reputable online insurance broker or agent where a quote is just a few minutes away. Make sure the coverage is available in the geographical location of the college. The cost can be reduced by limiting the optional add-on benefits. Temporary insurance is also a possibility for students to consider.

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