Supplemental Medical Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Supplemental medical insurance policies are provided to cover the gap between what a policy covers and the billed charges of the physician or healthcare facility. Medicare is a perfect example of policies where a supplement is needed. The benefits of Medicare are just not enough to cover deductibles and medications that many seniors must purchase. Many of the elderly cut back on medication that is needed simply because it is too expensive. A good supplement will cover the expenses for a reasonable monthly fee.

A good supplemental medical insurance policy provides the coverage to pay the deductible, co-payment, and prescription charges. There are specific government regulations for all Medicare supplements. The standardized policies must be adhered to by every insuring agency for Medicare supplements. This insures that every senior citizen is afforded the same options for health care regardless of income status or geographical location.

Supplemental Medical Insurance Sources

Supplemental medical insurance is available from a variety of sources. Some professional organizations offer coverage. Insurance agencies are the best source for finding a supplement at a price you can afford. Many of these insurance agencies can be accessed by the Internet. It is easy to do some quick price comparison online with various supplemental policies.

There are other types of supplements available in addition to Medicare supplements. Any insurance policy that does not give total reimbursement for medical expenses should be reinforced with a supplemental policy. This gives the assurance that there will be no financial surprises when facing an expensive illness or injury.

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