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Temporary Medical Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you find yourself in one of the dozens of circumstances that leave you without medical coverage, you may want to consider temporary medical insurance. As most of us well know, a single illness or one visit to an emergency room can wipe us out financially. If you require hospitalization, you can face financial ruin. Medical insurance is a must when it comes to protecting you and your family.

You may be surprised at the reasonably priced options in medical coverage you will find on the Internet. You can get everything from short term coverage for a recently graduated college student to comprehensive short term medical coverage for your entire family. One huge advantage of shopping online is that you will be able to compare the benefits and costs of several policies before you make your selection.

Temporary Medical Insurance Options

You can get temporary coverage plans for terms starting at around 30 days and lasting as long as about one year. With short-term plans, you may want to pay all of the premium up front; however, when you plan to keep the insurance for over six months, you will likely have the option of paying monthly, either electronically or with payment coupons. Some insurance companies suggest that, if you need temporary coverage for over six months, you should consider getting a regular individual or group plan policy.

Whatever your temporary health care coverage needs, you will find options online. Make sure you understand the plan benefits and ask to speak to an insurance agent if you have more questions than are answered on the website. Know how long the plan will be in effect and exactly when the coverage will begin. Finally, remember to compare plans before you buy because costs can vary.

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