Tennessee Self Employed Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tennessee self employed health insurance policies may be offered as an HMO policy. This type of policy requires the insured to use physicians and hospitals listed as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) provider. A primary care physician is the pivotal caregiver. Before any specialist can be seen or tests can be performed, the primary care physician must give a referral.

All Tennessee self employed health insurance policies must contain a guaranteed renewable clause. This prohibits the insurance carrier from terminating your insurance coverage due to claims filed or amount of cost to the insurer. As long as premiums are made on time and all other requirements are met, the carrier must continue the coverage.

Options of Tennessee Self Employed Health Insurance

You can be denied Tennessee self employed health insurance due to health issues. The insurance company also has the right to adjust the premium according to the health liability of the applicant. It is possible for an inexpensive policy to increase considerably in cost if there are medical issues that send up a red flag. If you have a condition that is totally under control and no treatment is required, you will still have an increase in premium. Any past diagnosis or treatment can rapidly increase the monthly payment.

The other alternative to an increased premium is for pre-existing conditions to be excluded from the policy entirely. This can be something like having a history of back surgery and the insurer excluding anything related to the back from being covered. Even if you have a problem that is not in the same location, payment may be denied. It is important to clarify the extent of any exclusion on the policy.

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