Texas Dental Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Texas dental insurance is available in a variety of packages. Indemnity plans allow you to go to the dentist of your choice without invoking penalties in payment. This type of plan generally pays the usual customary and reasonable fee (UCR). The fee is calculated specific to the region the service is rendered. Most plans have a yearly limit and an initial deductible may apply.

PPO plans offer Texas dental insurance similar to the indemnity plan. The major difference is the restriction on the choice of dentist. Only dentists listed as a plan participant will be reimbursed. PPO dentists enter into an agreement to accept a pre-determined fee from the insurance carrier for services rendered.

Variety of Texas Dental Insurance Plans

Other types of Texas dental insurance plans are available. Private dental insurance is offered by a variety of insurance carriers. The majority require a copay relative to the type of procedure required. It is important to compare the rates paid by the different companies before choosing a dental plan. The lowest premium may not be the best plan if a high copay is required. For family coverage, check about the age limit for coverage. Some policies have a cutoff age for older children.

Dental plans are relatively inexpensive compared to the services offered. Fees for a dental plan in Texas start as low as $79 per year. Always check the provisions and exclusions before making the commitment to a plan. Some plans cover regular checkups and other plans do not. Some limit the number of visits per year while other plans have unlimited visits. In comparing plans, make sure you are using identical provisions.

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