Virginia Individual Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Virginia individual health insurance can be in the form of a full-coverage policy, such as self-employed coverage, or it can be for a short term. A short term or temporary policy is often used when changing jobs from one group policy to another if there is a lag time in coverage between the two policies. It is also used to transition from being employed to becoming self-employed.

Once a person is self-employed, there are many Virginia individual health insurance companies to consider. Many offer excellent coverage at an affordable price. Any individual policy is going to be more expensive than a group policy provided by an employer. The employer pays a large portion of the cost of the insurance as a benefit to the employee. When you are self-employed, the entire cost is your responsibility.

Some Virginia Individual Health Insurance Benefits

The same benefits are available with Virginia individual health insurance as with a group policy. Policies can be purchased with a low office visit co-payment and a low policy deductible. The premium can be reduced by choosing a higher co-payment and deductible. Prescription drug coverage is an option with most insurance providers.

It is also possible to get vision and dental coverage with many Virginia individual health insurance policies. It pays to shop around and compare prices with the various companies. Make sure you also compare the inclusions and exclusions of each policy to be comparing equal policies. Not all policies offer the same benefits.

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