Wisconsin Individual Medical Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wisconsin individual medical insurance policies are available as PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans. This type of policy offers the option of choosing any physician without requiring a referral from a primary physician. If you have symptoms that indicate the need to see a neurologist, you do not have to go to your general healthcare provider first to get a referral. The only requirement is the physician must be on the provider list.

If you have been covered by a group policy, you are familiar with the process of acquiring medical treatment under certain types of policies. It is easier to stay with the same kind of policy if possible. Most insurance companies offering group plans will also be able to offer an individual policy with near identical coverage. This works great for those who are caught in the crosshairs of job cutbacks or reduction of benefits.

Wisconsin Individual Medical Insurance Information

Millions are without health coverage and could benefit from a Wisconsin individual medical insurance plan. There are policies of all types and price ranges to consider. If the cost of the premium is a major concern, the best way to reduce the monthly premium is to raise the deductible to the highest amount possible and increase the amount of co-insurance.

Other areas for cutting cost on Wisconsin individual medical insurance policies is to leave off the extras such as vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage. One area that does not need to be sacrificed is disability coverage. If you should become disabled, you cannot backtrack and find benefits to carry you through a difficult time. Guarantee the integrity of your financial future by carefully evaluating what you must have and what you can afford to eliminate.

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