Affordable Dental Insurance

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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What is the secret to finding affordable dental insurance? One major factor in keeping your dental health expenditures low is keeping up a regular maintenance schedule for your teeth and gums. This means seeing a dentist at least twice a year for thorough cleanings and checkups, both of which will contribute to your ongoing oral health.

The primary difference between dental care and medical care is that dental care is largely preventive. While nobody can predict when, how, or why certain diseases strike the body, the same does not necessarily hold true when it comes to the mouth. If and when dental problems do arise, they're often easy to spot in their early stages and therefore simple to correct. This is the basic philosophy that underlies the pricing of dental insurance plans.

Brush, Gargle, and Floss

Patients who brush not only regularly but properly (too many people do not) and floss every day are unlikely to encounter gingivitis, a form of gum disease. They're also better equipped to stave off decay, which can lead to painful cavities and, if not filled in time, even more painful root canals. The problem is that many people have been conditioned from childhood to fear their dentists, which only exacerbates problems by giving them more time to develop.

If you've taken care of your teeth and gums your entire life, you should have no difficulty finding affordable dental insurance. Those who have neglected their oral hygiene and therefore have pre-existing conditions may encounter higher premiums but will still find comparatively cheap insurance, at least versus regular medical insurance. Should your employer offer you medical benefits in return for small payroll deductions, it's worth laying out the extra five to 10 dollars per month needed to cover your dental needs as well.

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