Affordable Prescription Drugs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Finding affordable prescription drugs can be a challenge when you consider that many traditional health plans fail to include this form of coverage. Typically, patients who need prescriptions must satisfy a separate deductible from that of their primary deductible, which covers things such as office visits, blood work, and other tests. It can be a real slap in the face to find yourself shelling out a hundred bucks for a brand-name drug even after you've spent a thousand dollars on your general deductible.

Compounding the problem even further is the fact that a lot patients need these expensive brand-name drugs. Oftentimes these remedies only contain one or two ingredients that aren't found in their generic counterparts. While this is a very minor difference, it can often translate to a 50- or 100-dollar price discrepancy. Regrettably, some patients ignore their doctors' suggestions and try to save money by purchasing generics, only to discover their reduced efficacy.

What If I Need Brand-Name Medications?

One option for individuals who know they need the expensive brand of their particular drugs is to pay for membership in a discount drug program. For a fixed fee these patients buy the right to the same pills, sprays, tablets, and ointments they'd get through their insurance, but at reduced cost. Moreover, plans like these come with many of the other prescription drug benefits provided by traditional insurance such as phone and online order-placement and 24-hour consultation services.

Participants in independent prescription drug plans still have the same selection and convenience as policy-holders in groups such as Blue Cross, United, and other major insurers. That means patients can have their orders fulfilled at thousands of retail chains nationwide, which is handy for business travelers and other on-the-go types. Picking up a discounted prescription becomes a matter of stopping in at your nearest Rite-Aid, Walgreens, or Eckerd, presenting your membership card, and receiving your medicine.

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