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Alternative Health Care Provider

Written by Laurie Nichol
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What is an alternative health care provider? What we're going to talk about are the health care providers that aren't necessarily covered by your health insurance plan. Whether you have cheap health insurance or not, you might have a hard time paying for these alternative services.

By alternative, we're referring to health services like dental, vision, and chiropractic. All of these are just as important as general medicine. Yet, without comprehensive insurance coverage, all can cost a whole lot more.

Your family needs dental and vision plans, and you need a way to afford them. Instead of looking to insurance to help you, there's a better route. You can save a lot of money on alternative health care provider services by joining a "discount club".

Low-Cost Alternative Health Care Provider Services

When you belong to a discount club, you have a membership card that you show when you visit a preferred provider. Since that provider has already negotiated a reduced rate, you save right away. None of the insurance form runaround, none of the high prices of paying regular rates, and certainly none of the health risks of skipping important visits!

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