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California Health Insurance Plans

Written by Beth Hrusch
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California health insurance plans can be even more effective when paired with a supplemental health plan. This kind of plan is a creative solution to the high costs of services that are often not covered by regular health insurance. These services include dental, eye care, and chiropractic visits. Some supplemental plans will help you get discounts on prescription drugs and vitamins.

California Health Insurance Plans Save You Money

By enrolling in a health plan that covers these areas of care, you become a member of an organization that has a network of participating providers. These will be dentists and orthodontists, ophthalmologists, chiropractors and pharmacists who will give you discounts on their products and services when you present your member card. Even if you already have health insurance, you can benefit from this kind of plan.

California health insurance plans can be used to save you money on services not covered by your primary plan. As long as you are not already receiving coverage or a discount through your primary plan, you can use this type of supplemental plan. It is intended to fill in the gap for some people who can't afford the add-on services that are not usually included on their primary health insurance.

You will need to find out which providers in your area are participating members in supplemental California health insurance plans. Many people are pleasantly surprised by how much they save on everything from routine procedures such as teeth cleaning and exams, to oral surgery, orthodontics and hearing aids. The power of membership can be a big advantage in keeping the costs of health care under control.

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