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Cheap Health Plans In New York

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Cheap health plans in New York can save you money on products and services that are usually add-ons to a primary health insurance plan. Dental, vision and chiropractic care, prescription drugs and nutritional supplements can all be included on a supplemental plan that allows you to receive these benefits at a discounted rate. Without a discount plan, most people would have to pay either full price or a large percentage of the costs involved.

Benefits of Cheap Health Plans in New York

Supplemental health plans use the power of a provider network to provide savings for their members. Participating health care professionals can give discounts because of the volume of business brought to them by this type of plan. When your membership card is presented to the provider at the time of service, the provider will then charge a pre-negotiated discount fee for the service performed. The percentage of discount varies depending on the service.

For those who use prescription drugs, cheap health plans in New York, as elsewhere, can provide significant savings in the course of a year. Once you determine that your drugs are covered by the plan, you may even be able to join a mail order service that delivers them to your door for even greater savings to you. A supplemental health plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or coverage provided by primary health insurance.

Cheap health plans in New York provide a list of local participating New York health care providers. Considering the costs involved in medications, dental, vision and chiropractic care, a supplemental plan that offers coverage on these services is something worth looking into. In most cases, the membership will more than pay for itself in the savings you realize during the year.

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