Chiropractic Benefits

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Chiropractic benefits aren't always included in many insurers' policies, thereby forcing patients with spinal ailments to purchase separate insurance. Millions of Americans suffer from debilitating back problems that prevent them from working normal jobs or simply enjoying their lives. Many of these long-time sufferers are therefore obligated to dig into their own pockets to cover even the most basic care.

To start with, a lot of patients need an initial consultation so that a chiropractor can determine the nature and extent of their problems. After that, x-rays and other diagnostics are standard practice, especially in pinpointing structural damage. X-rays won't necessarily uncover nerve damage, which often requires a separate nerve test and an even greater cash outlay.

What Chiropractors Do

Myths abound about DCs or doctors of chiropractic. Among these is the old saw that chiropractors are merely butchers who do more damage to the spine than good, an assessment that has no basis whatsoever. Chiropractors go through rigorous schooling and training and must endure four years of upper-level instruction. Moreover, their methods and practices must adhere to standards in all 50 states.

One of the central tenets of chiropractic is the spine's direct relationship to the central nervous system. As the body's major control mechanism, the CNS is vitally important, and damage to it can cause damage all throughout the body including pain that radiates from one area to another. Chiropractors therefore work to correct spinal misalignments (or subluxation) to promote bodily wellness and help people return to their favorite activities.

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