Dental Insurance

Written by Sarah Provost
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In previous generations, losing your teeth and having to wear dentures was an almost unavoidable side effect of aging. Not any more! Advances in dental technology and in ongoing dental care have made it much more likely that people can retain strong healthy teeth throughout their lifetimes.

Unfortunately, that technology and that consistent ongoing care don't come cheaply. And these days, many employers are cutting back on health benefits or hiring new employees as freelancers, with no benefits at all. That means chances are good that you'll have to provide your own dental insurance.

Family and Individual Dental Plans

When searching for dental insurance, you'll first have to choose whether you need an individual or a family plan. If, for instance, you are a single adult or your children are covered by someone else's insurance, you don't need a plan that covers pediatric specialties. On the other hand, if you are covering children or teenagers, you may want to be sure that orthodontia is a covered benefit.

Don't rely on price alone to make your decision among plans. If you already have a dentist you prefer, ask which plan he or she participates in. If you are willing to use a new dentist, you can check credentials at the American Dental Association website. If you're one of the many people who are nervous about going to the dentist, you might want to look for a plan that allows you preliminary visits to be sure you are comfortable with the provider you choose.

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