Dental Savings

Written by Sarah Provost
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These days, many families are hard pressed to provide for even their basic health care needs. People are searching for ways to care for their families in the face of rising health care costs. One way you can reduce your expenses for dental care is to enroll in a discount dental plan.

These plans offer reduced rates for dental services in exchange for an annual fee. The fee is much smaller than the premium for dental insurance. You must use an authorized provider, with whom the percentage of the discount has been negotiated. Discounts are usually in the range of 10 to 50 percent. Most plans have many providers for you to choose from.

Coverage Is Available for Many Services

Since discount plans don't pay for services themselves, they are willing to offer a wider range and place fewer restrictions on them. If, for instance, you feel that your child needs fluoride treatments or tooth sealants, an insurance company might feel it was an unnecessary expense and deny coverage. With a discount plan, you are paying for it yourself at the discounted rate, so it is entirely your decision.

Bonding, whitening, caps and other services deemed as purely cosmetic are not covered. However, you can get coverage for repair of a broken or chipped tooth, orthodontia and other procedures that have cosmetic elements but are also necessary for good oral health. A discount dental plan will provide you with significant savings. It's relatively simple to find a plan that can fit one's needs.

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