Discount Health Care Programs

Written by Sarah Provost
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Discount health care programs can't entirely take the place of comprehensive health care insurance, but they do provide a tremendous service. Many employers no longer provide insurance, and many of those that do are increasing employee participation to the point where workers can't afford it. A discount health care program can help you take up the slack.

Discount health care programs are also extremely useful to those who are self-employed or between jobs. Unlike medical insurance, they are open to everyone, regardless of age or preexisting conditions. And unlike governmental health care assistance, there are no requirement concerning age or financial status.

Discount Health Care Programs Provide Services at Reduced Fees

When you join a discount medical program, you pay an annual fee, which is much lower than an insurance premium. The plan administrator negotiates with health care providers to reduce their customary fees by anywhere from 10 to 50 percent. Since the plan doesn't pay anything toward your medical expenses, you are free to use services as frequently as you need.

Fee-for-service programs can't take the place of medical insurance if you have a catastrophic illness or serious accident. A wise plan is to have strictly limited insurance, with the highest possible deductible, and use the discount health plan for day-to-day care. That way you can keep your medical expenses to a minimum but still be covered if something terrible happens.

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