Discount Vision Cards

Written by Sarah Provost
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Discount vision cards offered by private providers are gaining in popularity. As employers cut back on health care benefits, vision care is one of the first areas to be cut. A little research on the Internet will turn up scores of offers for discount vision cards.

These cards work on the principal of bulk purchasing. By promising to send all referrals to a particular eyewear chain, for instance, the company offering the card can negotiate a discounted price for their members. These services charge a fee, so check to be sure the discount is large enough to make it worthwhile.

Discount Vision Cards Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

Private-party discount vision cards are membership programs rather than insurance. That means you can usually have great latitude in choosing your eyewear. UV protection and scratch-resistant coating, for instance, can usually be purchased at a discount similar to that for the lenses themselves. Some cards offer the same percentage of discount on both regular and fashion frames, while others will apply the standard discount for regular and let you pay the difference.

Contact lenses, whether soft, toric or gas permeable, are also covered by discount vision cards, with a few restrictions. Most companies do not cover disposable lenses, for example. Colored lenses are also often excluded, though some plans do cover them. When choosing a discount vision card, do a little homework to be certain you're getting the best deal. Make sure that the optical outlets they do business with have a good reputation and are easily accessible.

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