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Employee Benefits

Written by Jill Morrison
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Employee benefits are offered to employees of most major companies. Depending on the type of insurance that is purchased by each company, the benefits may vary. Some companies pay the entire amount of the insurance; others require that you pay a minimal monthly fee.

Options in Employee Benefits

Employee benefits may be a deciding factor in choosing a job. Many will not accept an employment offer if the company does not provide adequate benefits for employees. It is wise to investigate the available benefits before accepting any position of employment.

Employee benefits usually focus on health insurance. Health plans will give you discounts on products and health-related procedures. Some health plans offer discounts up to 50%, so they can be very valuable.

Employee health plans cover health categories such as vision, hearing, chiropractic care, dental, prescription drugs, and supplements. Some health plans will only cover certain categories, and others cover all of these categories in one plan. If your company does not offer health benefits for employees, you must obtain individual health coverage on your own time.

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